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Summer Escapes Polygroup Quick Set Swimming Pool RP 2000 GPH Filter Pump RP2000

Summer Escapes Polygroup Quick Set Swimming Pool RP 2000 GPH Filter Pump RP2000

  • RP2000-2000 GPH Filter Pump with Filter Cartridge
  • 110-120 Volt AC GFCI Protected
  • Patented cartridge filter with chlorinator built in. Conveniently uses 1 inch chlorine tablets.
  • Includes hoses and clamps.
  • Instruction manual.

Brand new Summer Escapes General Foam RP2000 GFCI 2000 GPH Filter Pump. Keep your pool clean and sanitary with the RP2000 2000 GPH Filter Pump. This pump can be used with ring and frame pools that have a two hose connection in the sizes listed below.

Please note that this filter pump cannot be used to replace a "skimmer pump" which is a type of pump that attaches to the top of some frame pools. Please see the product image for this pump above and follow your pool's directions to determine if this pump will work for your pool.

This Filter Pump System is designed for use with Polygroup/General Foam Summer Escapes brand swimming pools. Polygroup/General Foam brand pools say "Summer Escapes" or "Quick Set" in large white letters on the pool wall. If your pool does not say this on the pool wall, it is NOT a General Foam/Polygroup brand pool. We do not guarantee fitment with any other brand of pool or any non pool application. If you chose to purchase this system for a non General Foam/Polygroup brand pool or non pool application and open the packaging to "test" your application, the system is not returnable. By continuing to purchase this item, you are agreeing to these terms.

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