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Goal Zero 12401 Nomad 13.5M Solar Panel

Goal Zero 12401 Nomad 13.5M Solar Panel

  • 13.5-watt mono-crystalline solar array
  • Foldable Nylon construction is lightweight and portable
  • Water-resistant to protect from the elements
  • Built-in pocket to store connector cord
  • Four sturdy grommets provide various hanging options

When space is tight and every ounce counts, the Nomad 13.5M packs the perfect power source. Using 13.5 watts of highly efficient mono-crystalline solar technology, its four small panels provide plenty of power and conveniently fold into a small, lightweight portable case. Store power on the go by combining the Nomad 13.5M with the Sherpa 50 Power Pack (sold separately)--it charges the Sherpa 50 in 6-10 hours from the sun. So whether you're backpacking, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, or more, you can easily pack and carry your solar energy. This solar panel can charge most of your portable devices to help you take your digital life to go. 13.5 watts of solar power to charge your portable devices anywhere 13.5 Watts of Solar Power The Nomad 13.5M collect 13.5 watts of power from the sun, and stores power with the Sherpa 50 power pack for use anytime. The solar panel charges the Sherpa 50 power pack in 6-10 hours from the sun, giving you the power you need to use your smartphone, GPS, portable media player, or any other device you carry. On the mountain or at the beach, the Nomad 13.5M goes wherever you do. Foldable, Rugged Design The Nomad 13.5M solar panel package includes a small, lightweight, foldable case design for convenient carrying. It fits easily into any backpack. The case features a built-in protective pocket to store your portable devices or connector cords. Weather Resistant When you're outdoors, you can't always predict the weather. Fortunately, the Nomad 13.5M solar panel is weather-resistant, allowing you to store and use power even in inclement weather. No need to worry about getting caught in a sudden summer shower at the beach, or a surprise light snowfall during a mountain hike. What's in the Box? Goal Zero Nomad 13.5M Solar Panel, manual, warranty. Technical Specifications Solar Panel Type: Mono-crystalline Open-Circuit Voltage: 18-20V Converting Efficiency: 17-18% Solar Cell Area: 0.0755 square meters Solar Output: 6-6.5V, 1.0A max (6W) USB Output: 5V, 0.5A max (2.5W) 12V Output: 13-15V, 0.2A max (3W) Operating Temperature: 0-120 F (-17-48 C) Dimensions (unfolded): 10.5 x 7 x 1 in (26.7 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm) Weight: 1.6 lbs (0.72 kg)

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