Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

Lamplight TIKI 1108047 Heritage Patio Torch

Lamplight TIKI 1108047 Heritage Patio Torch

  • Dual wick design produces extra large flame for more light than traditional torches
  • "No touch fill" technology- less mess while filling
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction for Ultra Weather Resistance
  • Extra Heavy 14-pound Base for added stability
  • Torch fuel sold separately; Fill the canister with Tiki Brand Bitefighter Torch Fuel to provide proven mosquito repellency

TIKI, the brand trusted by millions, helps create a paradise in your backyard. TIKI Brand Patio Torches are a perfect addition to creating an inviting, backyard oasis. The Heritage Patio Torch contains a double wick that provides an extra large which provides more light than traditional torches. The torch contains the "no-touch pour" refill system, so you never need to touch the wick while filling, making filling this torch a breeze. When you run out of fuel, just pour more directly into the top of the torch. Who knew filling a torch could be this easy? The TIKI Brand Heritage Patio Torch also has an extra heavy base for added stability, and aluminum alloy construction for ultra weather resistance. It is also easy to assemble without the use of tools.

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